Monday, May 4, 2009

House Pictures!

Over the last three years or so, my family has been building a house, the six of us. We did nearly everything ourselves, though we did hire out some help here and there. And just a couple weeks ago we started the process of moving in, even though it isn't quite completed. Some of the furniture and stuff isn't quite in place, but here it is:

Here's the kitchen...

...and the living room...
...and finally my bedroom.

And now for a game. Can you find... a ceiling fan, a brown seated stool, a caricature of Jacob, (gotta love talking about yourself in third person) a pair of basketball shoes, Wayne Thomas Batson's "The Final Storm," and a bear and her cub... (You'll probably have to click on the images to enlarge)


JT Norlander said...

Alright, looks like a pretty cool house JR. I found the ceiling fan in Living Room, a brown seated stool in the kitchen, couldn't find the bear and her cub, the caricature of you is in the first picture of your bedroom on the mantle, still wrapped in plastic, the basketball shoes are in front of your dresser in the closet in the second bedroom pic, and the Final Storm is in the second pic as well, lying on the mantle with what looks like a Bible.
All in all, pretty cool man!


Eärwen said...

*cracks up* I read your comment on The Door Within blog. THAT was HILARIOUS!!!
I love your sense of humor!! =D

Joraiem said...

Awesome house!

Brianna said...

Cool house - cool room! That's neat that your family built it practically on your own!

R.P.H said...

Great post idea Jacob. Your families house is beautiful inside and out(breathtaking views outside.) My family didn't build a house,but we have done a ton of renovating on our own it's hard work, but so rewarding at the end.

In your game I found everything including the bear and her cub... I think (: It looks like it's in the first pic of your bedroom above your bed next to the drawing.

Have a great day
Bye For Now,

DragonFan said...

Nice house! I found the fan and the shoes. :)


J.R. Parker said...

JT: Good job. The bear and her cub are right next to the caricature, which is not only still in the plastic, but was also drawn in '92!

Earwen: I'm glad you liked the comment. The LOTR images on your blog are pretty funny too.

Joriam/Brianna: Thanks, but it sure was a lot of work!

Ryan: Great job finding everything. So you know how much work it is. Except renovating is harder because you have the extra step of demolition and you're living in it the whole time!

Dragonfan: It's sure nice because it's a lot roomier than the one we've been living in.

The Colorful Photographer said...
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Adam said...

I'm just wondering, looking out your windows of the pictures of your house, you must live in Alaska or something. Alaska is a pretty neat but COLD state.