Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Awards

I've received a few awards in the past couple weeks, and although I appreciate them, I haven't gotten the chance to blog about them until now. If you gave me an award and I don't include it here, let me know and I'll tack it on.

I think The Writer's Award was the first one granted to me.

Thanks Hannah! This award has made the rounds, I think, so I don't believe there's anyone I could award that hasn't already received it. If not, consider yourself awarded.

And on to number two:

Thanks Joraiem! There are all kinds of people I know who deserve this award, but it has my name on it...

And finally, published author Katie Weiland awarded me as well.
"I get the pleasure of passing the award on to 15 of the loveliest blogs I follow. They are, in no particular order: ... #8 The Yodeling Dwarf—Home of up and coming fantasy author Jacob Parker’s thoughts and illustrations of the writing life."

I suppose it depends on the demographics of the readers of this blog, but I'm guessing that right now half of you approve and the other half are resolving never to let me live this down. 
In fact, Katie said to me in a later message that the above picture might not be something a guy would want on his blog, and suggested a photoshopped version with hunting rifles, skateboards, and footballs entitled "One Grungy Blog Award." And while I'm certainly glad that Katie thinks this is a lovely blog, I think perhaps I should take her joking advice literally, especially since I've already posted pictures of myself in a dress this week.

So, with many, many apologies to the talented creator of the beautiful graphic above, here it is:

Again, so very, very sorry.

Now that I've rendered this award gender neutral, I can award anyone I want! Recipients can simply choose one or the other (or both) to display. The problem is, I now stand here with an erected tent on one hand and the sack it belongs to in the other (don't believe the manufacturers! It does. not. fit!) See, there are more deserving blogs that I read than there is time in the day to nominate.) I'm going to put five down here that are not necessarily my favorites, but that I suspect haven't received this award before, and just happen to spring to mind (no particular order).

And, Katie, since it was your idea, you're welcome to put the Grungy Award on your blog too ;)

mikebaird - football
joeshlabotnik - skateboard
salsaboy - rifle


littlescribbler said...


Lol. Great new image of the award.

R.P.H said...

Congrats on completing High School (: My sister just graduated also. I’ve enjoyed your last couple of post... sorry I’ve haven’t said “Hi” in a while. Thanks for the tag on the game:)I will try to do it tomorrow. Your graduation speech was great... you seriously have an awesome sense of humor (: Loved your comic strip. I will be praying for you on your manuscript submission... way to cool (: and I enjoyed watching your couple minutes of fame. And thanks for the follow on my blog. Have a great day.

Bye For Now,

Leah said...

Thank you! :P

Brianna said...

Jacob, your "Grungy" adaptions to the award is too funny. Thank you for passing on the award to me; I am most grateful! (Although I think I'll go with the "Lovely" graphic!=])

Rachel Danielle said...

Hahahahaha, one 'Grungy' blog award. Love it! Um... I'm going to timidly ask... I haven't recieved the Writer's Award, and you said that anyone who hasn't recieved it can have it, so... does that mean me?

J.R. Parker said...

Rachel: Certainly! It's yours. You deserve it.

K.M. Weiland said...

I love it! Yep, grungy is definitely a better style for you! Good work.

Rachel Danielle said...

Thanks tons J.R!

vickychick said...

Hi! Love your blog!

Caitlin said...

Awww man . . . *blushes* I'll definitely use the Grungy version.

Do I qualify for the Writer's Award?

J.R. Parker said...

vickychick: Well thank you! it's nice of you to say so.

Caitlin: Yes! This Grungy thing could catch on! I can see it now: One Grungy T-shirts, mugs, mousepads... And you definitely qualify for the Writer's Award.

tinydancer said...

I must say, this is one "lovely blog". Yes, I would be the half that would never let you live that down... it's far too funny to pass up. But *sighs* I suppose that the 'grungy' award would fit a guy better *chuckles*.
but I really think your blog is great.

J.R. Parker said...

Well thanks for saying so, Tinydancer. I suppose I dodged a great deal of ridicule with that switch to "Grungy." :P