Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Independent Publisher likes KMS!

Independent Publisher is one of the review publications I sent an ARC to. Go to this link, read the top, then scroll about halfway down the list. :)

Also, I just got word that my copies won't be arriving until September 3rd. That's a bummer, especiallly considering I told everyone they would be arriving any day. Sorry to everyone who pre-ordered a copy from me thinking I'd be the quickest source to receive it from. But part of that is it hit the bookstore system much faster than anticipated. You can buy it on right now for $11.51 and for $15.99, and you can order it from any bookstore.

P.S. Still working on emails, so don't panic if I haven't responded.


Beorn said...

Congratulations! =)

I can't wait to buy a copy =D

Jake said...


I echo Beorn... I'm biding my time until I get my allowance, though. :)