Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oregon Coast Photographed

Here are the Oregon photos from the recent trip as promised, with color(ful) commentary.

The Spruce Goose. Humongous airplane designed and built by Howard Hughes, whom was portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in "The Aviatior."

You already saw the Spruce Goose, and this is the spruce-lots of spruces actually. The Spruce Goose was constructed of plywood made from mostly birch and some other woods, including spruce.

"You done me wrong, Ralph. That was my nut, and now you gonna pay."


Beautiful, isn't it? That far rock is called "Frog Rock."

This cart does not, in fact, make a very good getaway vehicle for three distinct reasons. 1) It's freeway merging capabilities are dismal. 2) In off-road situations the lack of suspension results in the loss of a lot of cargo, including Jimmy. 3) That fancy rocket booster on the back is misleading; it's kind of a downer when you propel yourself off a tow truck with the ramp down only to discover that there is no red button in sight.

There was actually a peregrine falcon nested on this cliff with a nest full of hatchlings. But they could only be seen via telescope.

Well garsh, I'll be dadgummed if ole' Bessie don' look glad ter see meh th'smornin!

Tillamook cheese. Lots and lots of Tillamook cheese.

Stay tuned. Something I've wanted to do since starting this blog is in the works. My only clue: "Book Giveaway." (Yeah, that's not real subtle...) I'm not going to say what the title of the book is, though.


JT Norlander said...

JR, love the pics and the captions, especially the shuttle one. :) Looks like it was a great vacation.
Book Giveaway, huh? Hmmmm, it might take me a while to figure that one out. :)

LocaChica said...

Cool! That looks super fun! Thanks for posting the pics!

tinydancer said...

frog rock really looks like a froggish shaped rock... weird..... :)

tinydancer said...

frog rock really looks like a froggish shaped rock... weird..... :)

Hawk said...

Hey Jacob, haha great pics, especially the squirrels! I actually live in OR...not near the coast though.

Molley said...

dear cousin something smells fishy(defiantly not cheesy) what are you up to???
Love the pics, were in Oregon where you??

vickychick said...

Now I want to go to Oregon! Book giveaway...Hmmm... :P

Jare and Lib said... giveaway?

I love the Oregon coast, more then any other(seeing as I've only been to 2=P)


J.R. Parker said...

I'm glad you guys like the pics. I've been asked what is meant by "Philistines" so I'll explain here for those of you who've never heard the term. A philistine is another word for "simpleton" or someone uninterested in anything intellectual or artistic.

Molly: We were in the Tillamook area. The fish you smell is probably the fresh halibut I had :P

Eden said...

Were you anywhere neat Haystack rock? And did you get to eat cheese curds? Those are the best!
That is so funny that Philistine means "someone uniterested in anything intellectual or artistic." Whenever I hear the story of David and Goliath, the Philistines sound like anything but uninterested!!
Book givaway. Very secretive:)